Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Two

I honestly can't believe that Carter is 2. It seemed the 6 years before him lasted 10. Now the past 2 have flown by. I remember sitting in the room that was going to be his and packing for him before he was born. I really think I remember every little detail about our precious little baby while we were waiting to come home with him. I actually remember it like it were last week.

Carter has been the biggest blessing to both of us. He brings us so much joy everyday. The first thing he says every morning is "I love you most, Mommy"! We are so lucky that God specifically put him in our hearts and home. He is a perfect fit!

I think I would have waited twice as long for him if it meant one day he was going to be ours.

I Carter had a great birthday! I took him to get his pictures taken and he was so funny I was almost embarrassed. The lady asked him to say cheese. He looked at her and said No, I say booger. At first I just looked at my precious two year old in amazement. It was such a proud moment when your child talks to a complete stranger in a full sentence up until this moment he only talked to us and close family. Very photogenic pictures!

I had to make his birthday cake this year since it fell on a holiday not one bakery was open. I took me some time but I think it turned out pretty well. Carter got a Cho Cho Train for his special day so I make him a Cho Cho Train Cake. We had such a great day celebrating Carter all day. Lolly make him a superman cape with goggles. The best surprise of the day was from Aunt Nay Nay (Rene) and Uncle Shannon...two fish. I was shocked I didn't see that happening. Carter loves them. He has named them Kermit & Ted. I think Kermit & Ted are going to be a great part of our family as long as I don't have to touch them.