Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to the Dentist

So we went back to see the dentist about Carter's front teeth. Over the last couple of weeks I noticed that his teeth were not gray anymore. I sort of thought that maybe it was in my head since I look at them everyday. So when we dentist asked me how his teeth were I told him that they are white again! He then preceded to tell me that teeth don't just change colors, once there is damage it doesn't just away. Well guess what? His teeth are better than perfect they are white again!

It's official Carter is a big boy. He got his new bed in yesterday. I have been talking up the bed and the excitement of sleeping all by himself. When the doorbell rang his eyes lit up and he knew what was on the other side. He helped me take apart the (beautiful) baby bed and put together his big boy bed. He got to pick out his very own sheets and blanket. Lolly made him a Lighting McQueen pillowcase. He is so proud of his new bed. He went right to it at bedtime and went right to sleep...for 3 hours. But you know what it's progress. He will adjust sooner or later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Look

Alright I have been working here for a couple of days in my spare time. I hope everyone likes the new look. I'm not computer smart but I think that I did alright and hopefully it works!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WTAMU Homecoming

I know I always comment on how fast Carter is growing up but he really is. Everyday there is something new he is saying or doing. Last week he looked at me and said, "Mommy that really good doda". He is putting sentences together really well and is talking non-stop. We are so proud of everything that he is doing.

We all went to Toys R Us last week and got Carter is first Halloween costume. We wanted to be a bee. But with a little investigation bees are for little girls. I found this really cute monkey (which we got) but Chris was determined that Carter wanted to be batman. He did really like the batman costume but wasn't near as cute as the monkey. I out voted both of them and we are going to be a monkey. Next time he lets me put it on him I'll take a picture so everyone can see how cute he is as a monkey.

This weekend was the big WTAMU Homecoming Parade and game. So we loaded up early to go watch another parade. Luckily Chris's office is downtown so we get to watch most of the parade inside. The parade was fun but I think Carter had more fun pretending he was in jail with Nicole (inside the office is an old bank vault).

The football game was even more exciting! As we were getting all situated it started sprinkling. Then it started pouring! Of course I wasn't prepared for rain. It has never rained at any game that I have been to. After we were soaked I remembered Chris parks his corvette inside the stadium. So we made a run for it! Next time I'll remember the corvette before it starts pouring. Overall we all had a really fun day.