Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Party

Today was Carter's Christmas party @ preschool. He had a book exchange and Ms. Darlene had the entire class sing carols to all us mommies. They did such a great job!

Carter sat front row for the book exchange because he was determined to get the book he brought. Jonas ended up with his book but Carter got one that made noise so he was super happy with that.

Enjoying a cupcake & juice (actually he only ate the icing).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Fall

We are still in the progress of building our new home. It has been a slower process than normal. But we do finally have a framed garage. Chris is so excited about the garage, I'm surprised he hasn't tried to camp in it. Luckily they haven't used all the sand for the slab so it has become our new sandbox. Carter & I have been walking up and digging. I hope he will remember it because he loves the "lot".

Besides building a new house we also are moving our salon to a new location. As if we didn't have enough to do we found a new project. Our opening date for the new salon is in 2 weeks. It has taken a lot of extra time but it will be worth it in the end. We are increasing our staff from 6 to 12 or 13. We will also be more of a day spa instead of a salon. I'm really excited. I have always wanted more than just a place to get a haircut. Best of all our salon will be an Aveda Concept salon which is really cool if you know anything about salons.
Carter is still loving Ms. Darlene's class. He learned his ABC's & days of the week last week. This week he will be going on his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. He is so excited to bring home a pumpkin.
...until next time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Day of Mother's Day Out

Carter just started Mother's Day Out and loves it! He has learned so much with his class. He was so excited to go the first day. We were walking him down the hall the first day and he stopped looked up at me and told me that he was a big boy and that he could do it all by himself and off he went. I am so glad he loves going it is a whole lot easier to leave him when I know he is having fun.

In his 3 weeks @ MDO he has learned his ABC's, he recognizes A, B, C, 1 & 2. He even surprised me while we were driving down the road with the story of Adam & Eve.

Carter is still a very detailed orientated little guy. He remembers every detail. His teacher told me what a bright little boy he is (which I already knew). He is a complete joy to be around! I treasure every minute with him!

Chris turns 30

At the end of July I threw Chris a 30th Birthday Party! We had a great time. Our house was packed with about 50 of Chris's friends. I think I am still cleaning up sticky stuff off my floors!

Our last guest left around 12:30 and before the door shut my boys were out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Update

So I realize that I have not posted in awhile. We have been having so much fun doing summer things. Carter loves the pool and almost can put his head under. We just got back from our first & only camping trip! I hope carter enjoyed it because it will most likely be his last. We are more hotel people. So many things going on. Our computer is down right now so as soon as we get it back I'll post some summer pictures and keep everyone updated a little better.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lost Pictures

Taos, New Mexico

One of our hatched birds

Walk for Life.

New Swing set

The lot...Penny & Carter walking were our house will soon be.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So It has been really crazy around here over the last month. I have hired 2 new girls at our salon. We are doing something different with them and it has taken a bunch of my time! It will be worth it in a couple of months when they get some clientele. Poor Carter! I have dragged him up there so much as soon as I turn the corner he starts saying I don't want to go to the shop. I really don't blame him neither do I.

Over Memorial Day we took a quick trip to Taos, NM. It was so nice to get away for a little while. We went hiking up a mountain. Carter loved all the mountains. He didn't realize we were in the mountains when we were up on top of one. We rented a paddle boat and paddled across a lake in Angel Fire. Carter feel asleep as soon as we were out to sea. We had to get off the water early because it was lightening. Even though Chris said we couldn't get struck in a plastic boat, I paddled like there was no tomorrow. I still think we could have been hit. I almost forgot Chris caught a fish on a snoopy fishing rod (well I don't now what character it had on it) but GO CHRIS!

Besides our house being on the market and having to keep it clean we have been busy getting the new house started. They ran into some dirt work issues. Basically we had to change our floor plan up some because neither of us wanted to go up 18 steps to get from the garage to the house. Crazy! So with a little more dirt and a few changes I will only have to carry groceries and Carter up 4-5 steps. Hopefully we won't run into many more big issues.

I have taken so many pictures over the last month but they are gone! Somewhere on our computer are the cutest pics of Carter. As soon as they are found I'll put pictures with my stories.

I almost forgot. Carter is growing up so much. As we were passing the library he noticed the flag. And out of no where he belted out the The Pledge of Allegiance. Word for word he recited the pledge. Apparently he has been paying more attention than I thought. And that as well is lost on this computer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ringling Bros. Circus

This past Friday we took Carter to the circus. We all had a great time. The ring is much smaller than both Chris & I remembered but I bet it was huge to Carter.

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A little update on our eggs. They are not twins but quadruples!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our little eggy twins have become so fascinating to me. So I've done a little research. They are called House Finches.

Fun Facts about the House Finch

  • The House Finch originated in Mexico and in the 1940's was turned out in Long Island, NY
  • The red color of the male House Finch comes from pigments that it gets in his food during molt.
  • The more pigment of food the redder the male.
  • Females prefer to mate with the reddest male they can find, perhaps assuring that they get a capable male who can find enough food to feed the little babies.

Kind of weird that I researched my eggs. I just wanted to know what we were in store for.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Introducing the soon to be newest members of our family. Today Grandma (Chris' mom) was showing our house and discovered that in my hanging basket at our front door was a baby bird egg. By the time Carter & I got home there were 2. Yeah! I'm really excited about getting to share this experience with Carter. It's perfect timing since Easter was just a couple of day ago and eggs are on his mind.

And yes we are going to sell our house. So far Chris hasn't put a sign in the yard. I really don't want one there anyways. I'm sad about it. This is not our house but our home. Carter had all of his first here. This is the house we brought him home too. It has great sentimental value to me. I know we will always have our memories but I love my house. The good news is that we are upgrading. Are plans are to build a new, bigger house just up the street. I'm honestly excited about the new house. It will be in a cul de sac, which will be better for Carter to ride his bike. Right now we have a creek behind our house and all of our toys roll into it and are lost forever. So good bye creek.

Stayed tuned to see how are little birdies are doing!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So Daddy has been gone all week but Carter & I have great fun. When Chris got home he gave Carter a present, his first tattoo. Of course it was of a WT buffalo. So last night before bed Carter was inked! The first picture (they are out of order again b/c I can't ever download them right!) is of Carter flexing his muscle to see what the buffalo would look like.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow Day

Since we were sort of snowed in today I had to get creative on entertainment. First I got out odd toys from before Christmas. Then this afternoon I got really creative and made my own play doh. I remember my momma making it for us when I was growing up. As soon as it got warm I remembered the smell. I loved the way it smelled growing up. I find it interesting how a small smell brings back so many memories.

I let Carter pick out the colors and off we went playing (actually he played and I picked up toys from the day). As he was playing he looked at me and said I yike that smell. He is a kid after my own heart!

My pictures are out of order but if you look at them backward they are perfect.

Discovery Center

Being a mommy is so much fun! I try to find us new and fun things to do every week. I want Carter to experience as much as I can find for him. This week we went to the Discovery Center. It was so much fun and very little kid friendly. They had an owl exhibit which was creepy. His little friend E went with us. He loves her. They hold hands and love playing together. Carter is quit the gentleman. When we went for lunch there was one of those giant indoor play sets. Carter & his little friend weren't quit tall enough to get to the next level but being the little man that he is he got down on all fours and let little E use him as a step. Then she reached down and pulled him up. I was very proud of my little man.

Every week we go down to our local library and hunt for new books to read. Last week we came across a book by Dr. Seuss called Gerald McBoing Boing. I had never heard of it. Way cute! We read it so much I rechecked it for this week. Come to find out there is a cartoon after this book. I have been recording it. Carter will sit and watch this this cartoon without moving.

We played out as much as possible this week because today it's blowing snow. 70 yesterday and blizzard today! The picture to the right is Carter winking at E. His newest little trick (the winking)!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poor Cat

Another week closer to spring and it snowed. I can't wait for warmer weather. I went shopping today and only bought Carter summer clothes. It was so much fun. I think we should have another baby shower so we don't have to furnish and entire season of clothes to be worn for only acouple of months.
This is a picture of Carter with Grandma's cat. Poor kitty! He sat there as long as he could handle it then went and found a quiet place.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ambassador of the Year

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Last night Chris received the Ambassador of the Year Award from our Chamber of Commerce. He is getting more and more involved in our community. I am so proud of you Chris! It was fun to get dressed up and go out. I'm not as social as Chris is but I do enjoy going and seeing everyone.


So Carter got a golf cart from Papa Jeff & Grandma Paula for Christmas. He has completely ignored it for the last 2 1/2 months. Seriously won't even look at the thing! But he had a break through the week. I guess since he conquered potty training he thought it was time to give the golf cart a chance. When we got home from the park this week, I asked him if he wanted to sit in it, as I do every time we are in the garage, this time he said OK. I pulled it out and off he went. He now has a new sense of freedom. He begs to ride it now. He definitely has a heavy foot. He hasn't mastered steering, yet! I know the neighbors sit and laugh at me as I'm running away from a 2 year old in a golf cart. The only bad incident with the golf cart was that after riding it for a good hour the front wheel just fell off. It wasn't Carters driving that broke it. I guess when Chris put it together he may have left out some parts. It was only down for awhile then off he went again.

Thanks Grandma Paula and Papa Jeff for the new wheels!