Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Ready For Summer

So we finally did it...Carter went to the nursery at church. I thought it was going to be major drama because he doesn't like being anywhere without us. Chris and I got him signed in and met his teacher. Then the strangest think happened Carter went right to the teacher and wanted on the floor to play with the baby (a little girl). He never even looked back at us. In a way it kind of hurt your feelings because he is growing up way to fast. Yesterday we brought him back to the nursery and he was so excited to go play with all of the babies (Carter calls anyone who is not an adult a baby). Lately we have been working on saying Sea World. Chris said that whenever Carter can say it we will go there. He doesn't quit have it down yet but he knows that whales are here.
This weekend we had a surprise visit from our Papa and Grandma from Austin. We were all glad to get to see them and for them to see Carter. They got him a new Texas football and everytime he goes to play with it he says Papa. Carter also got to play with his cousins and had a great time. He has been saying Nate all weekend. So I think he had a bunch of fun with them.

Picnic at the park- We stopped to see all of the ducks from the dock with our cousins Kinzlee, Wyatt, Kate and Jack.
Since it has gotten warm we had to go and get a turtle sandbox. Carter loves it and spends many hours a day in it.
Carter is into everything. I left him alone outside for only a second and came back to find him digging in all of my flowerpots. He had such a great time.

Prince Carter!

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