Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid June Update

On more week of summer flew by. We did go to the pool this week and Carter loved it. This time I couldn't get him out of it. He didn't even need my help or want it. Before we went swimming we went to the park to play with 4 of our little cousins. It was fun. They each go in opposite directions so there is no conversation with anyone except the little ones.

Right now we are in a rut of eating only dog dogs (corn dogs). I'm so sick of corn dogs. But Carter request one anywhere we are. I'm trying to be really creative at the grocery store for more food options. If it doesn't have a wienie in it we won't eat it!
Chris and I are still amazed everytime Carter talks. Last night we were going to bed and Carter looked at us and said "Momma and Daddy". Who knew the word and would be so fun to ear!

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