Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's still summer. We are still having a ton of fun. We went to the library yesterday and got a library card. It is free entertainment!!! Carter was in book heaven. The little guy loves books. At the library they have an area for little guys were he can take all the books out of the bin he wants to. It was great for me as well. I didn't have to keep trying to pretend I knew were they went on the shelf. We also had our first experience with our own shopping cart at the grocery store. For month I have done everything in my power to distract Carter from seeing the little carts. So I have to thank Daddy (Chris) for showing them to Carter. I was a nightmare. But since it wasn't my idea I left Chris to deal with all of the isle cleanups! It really takes a lot of patience to shop with a small cart. So back to completely ignoring them I have to be really sneaky!

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