Monday, September 15, 2008

Dentist Appointment

So Carter had his first dentist appointment last Thursday. We decided to make him an appointment after he fell and his front tooth started turning gray. I was nervous about bringing him to a dentist because it is honestly hard enough to brush his teeth let alone look around. So the entire day before I talked all about Doc Moore (that is what Carter calls him) and that that Doc Moore wanted to look at his smile and take a picture of his teeth.

Carter practicing his smile for Doc Moore before we left for our appointment!

Carter had so much fun at the dentist office. They had so many toys laying around to play with. The x-ray machine was down (of course) so Carter and his dental assistant got to play. When it was time for Doc Moore to look at his teeth he did great! The good news is that nothing had to be done that day and that Carter got 5 new toys from Doc Moore. The bad news is that we go back in 6 weeks for another x-ray. There was some swelling above one of his front teeth (the white one). Doc Moore is 90% sure that that tooth will start turning gray within 6 weeks. It would be better for Carter if both of his teeth were fixed at the same time. So it looks like next month little Carter will have 2 root canals. He said it is a 10 minute procedure and not as severe as an adult root canal. More that likely he will have to be put to sleep, which is better than tying him down. When it is all said and done Carter will have the prettiest, whitest teeth of any kid around (Doc Moore is going to paint them back white also). Keep Carter in your prayers and I will keep you updated.

Some of the 5 toys Carter got at the dentist.

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padillafamily said...

AWWW...I feel so badly for Mr. Carter. :( I hope that things go smoothly for you. I will be praying for him, (AND YOU). I know it will be hard to watch him go under anesthesia. He is getting so big. It's sad how fast time goes!