Friday, March 27, 2009

Discovery Center

Being a mommy is so much fun! I try to find us new and fun things to do every week. I want Carter to experience as much as I can find for him. This week we went to the Discovery Center. It was so much fun and very little kid friendly. They had an owl exhibit which was creepy. His little friend E went with us. He loves her. They hold hands and love playing together. Carter is quit the gentleman. When we went for lunch there was one of those giant indoor play sets. Carter & his little friend weren't quit tall enough to get to the next level but being the little man that he is he got down on all fours and let little E use him as a step. Then she reached down and pulled him up. I was very proud of my little man.

Every week we go down to our local library and hunt for new books to read. Last week we came across a book by Dr. Seuss called Gerald McBoing Boing. I had never heard of it. Way cute! We read it so much I rechecked it for this week. Come to find out there is a cartoon after this book. I have been recording it. Carter will sit and watch this this cartoon without moving.

We played out as much as possible this week because today it's blowing snow. 70 yesterday and blizzard today! The picture to the right is Carter winking at E. His newest little trick (the winking)!

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