Sunday, March 8, 2009


So Carter got a golf cart from Papa Jeff & Grandma Paula for Christmas. He has completely ignored it for the last 2 1/2 months. Seriously won't even look at the thing! But he had a break through the week. I guess since he conquered potty training he thought it was time to give the golf cart a chance. When we got home from the park this week, I asked him if he wanted to sit in it, as I do every time we are in the garage, this time he said OK. I pulled it out and off he went. He now has a new sense of freedom. He begs to ride it now. He definitely has a heavy foot. He hasn't mastered steering, yet! I know the neighbors sit and laugh at me as I'm running away from a 2 year old in a golf cart. The only bad incident with the golf cart was that after riding it for a good hour the front wheel just fell off. It wasn't Carters driving that broke it. I guess when Chris put it together he may have left out some parts. It was only down for awhile then off he went again.

Thanks Grandma Paula and Papa Jeff for the new wheels!

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