Saturday, August 7, 2010

4th of July

The 3rd of July was a wet one. It rained all day! I loved the rain but it meant that we missed the parade, fair on the square and the fireworks were canceled. We got to sit inside of Chris's office and watch the parade but it was not as interesting. Carter and his cousins lost interest and played jail. We left the square when the rain let up but by the time we walked to the car we were drenched!

Later that night we went to my Aunt Kim's to cookout and pop fireworks. I have never bought fireworks until this year. Carter and his Daddy spent $20 and that was enough for him. Carter was terrified of the black jacks but loved the sparklers.

Daddy and Carter having a private fireworks show

Carter, Jack and Wyatt

Kate, Carter and Kinzlee in the "jail"

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