Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego, CA

We just got back from our vacation to San Diego. I decided I should be on the beach permanently. We had such a great time. It was Cart's first plane ride. He was very nervous at first. We actually told him we were getting on a bus because as we were loading the plane he started freaking out! But as soon as he realized we were flying he was fine. We were there for 5 days at our awesome hotel on Mission Bay. We went to the San Diego Zoo which is overwhelming. We walked through a retired battle ship. We all enjoyed the ship. Carter wanted his picture taken in every doorway! Our plans were to go to Lego Land but through some persuasion by Carter we went to DISNEY LAND!!! It was so magical to see it through Carter's eyes. He got to meet Pluto and Mickey. After he meet Mickey he was done and wanted to go back to the pool. The weather was much cooler than we expected Chris and Carter loved the cooler weather, I froze.
Chris and Carter in front of the USS Midway

On the zoo bus tour

Carter LOVED the sand and water

This little worm was a lifesaver on the plane


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