Sunday, November 16, 2008


We all had a relaxing week. Chris & I had a banquet to go to Thursday night. Chris was inducted on the Texas Panhandle Building Association

(I think that is what is called) board. I'm not as outgoing at those functions as Chris is but I did alright. I better get used to it it seems Chris is on every board there is around here. I am proud of him he is doing great getting out and meeting new people and his business is doing really great.

Once again Carter is doing new things. This week he started having conversations with us. Every time he ask a question then makes a comment on my response it surprises me. I'm not sure why he is almost 2! Honestly I don't like to think about that because that means that he
is not a baby anymore. I still remember the day we found out about him and the day we brought him home. God knew that Carter would be the perfect addition to our family. He is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! This week he looked at me and said "Cart Cart love you Mommy"!

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The Padilla Family said... sweet. He is getting so big!