Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween - Now

So we just had Halloween. At first I didn't think that Carter would wear his monkey costume but he did when he saw other kids in theirs. It was so cute to see him so excited. Most of the pictures I took are blurry because it is really hard to capture a live monkey that is jumping and running around. We took him to the Connor House (an assisted living that Aunt Rene runs). Carter really enjoyed it. The little old people just sat around in their chairs and let the kids take over all the candy.

Besides Chris & I getting sick last weekend we felt fine to go to Dallas this week. Chris had a Building Association meeting and Carter & I just needed a vacation. We got to stay in the Gaylord Texan. It is worth going there and seeing how great it is. I took some pictures from our balcony. Carter had so much fun there. He loved the river and waterfalls with all of the fish. He sat in his stroller for hours while we walked around the 4 1/2 acres resort. I think that I got plenty of exercise. I personally didn't want to leave...actually I think that I could live there. I thought that are room was great until I saw a room that I was told was 3,000 sq ft. Actually it was a house. Honestly I was very happy with our room but 3.0000 sq ft SERIOUSLY!!! The Gaylord was great. They were setting up for Christmas and it was really pretty. They had a cow in her Christmas clothes that Carter just loved. We missed out on seeing some friends because we had to leave earlier than we wanted (sorry guys), Chris had the Veteran's Day Parade in Amarillo Saturday morning. Hope each of you had a great Halloween with your kids!

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Procrastination Allie said...

Oh he's so adorable in that monkey outfit...I'll be in your neck of the woods the first week of Dec. Let's talk about dinner or at least a short visit.